Welcome to Gokulam Gaushala in Coimbatore

Shree Govardhan Seva Trust is launched by a group of individuals who belive in the Idea of Gou seva. The Trust is located in Coimbatore (Nanjundapuram) Tamilnadu in India. Shree Govardhana Seva Trust is a Registered Community with Government of Tamilnadu under the Trust Act.

Our Activities



We try to protect cows and spread the message of kindness which leads to peaceful world



Conducting Gau Pooja is considered as a Divine activity since ancient period



Every month on the day of Pradosham pooja is performed for the Bulls

Gau Pooja - The Divine Appreciation

Ancient Indian Sanathana Dharma based on Vedic Philosophy profoundly declares human society can achieve extraordinary strength and stable collective mind (physical and spiritual) by doing Gau (Cow) Seva. Gau (Cow) also provides milk and milk products bundled with essential nutrients which help to maintain a healthy physical body. It is our primary duty and responsibility to respect and strengthen our bond by taking care of cows. We also need to treat the old and sick cows with respect as they have done their part and delivered essential life sustaining products to humanity.

75 +

Total Cows

50 +

Dedicated Members

600 +

Divine Poojas

100 %


We welcome your contributions

Many members of Shree Govardhana Seva Trust are themselves philanthropist. Anyway any good cause needs more hands to support. The is not apart from this. Your contributions to the Trust will be spent to maintain and take care of the Cows, Bulls and the calfs. Your contributions will not only help us to protect the cows but also you get the benefits by tax savings.